Unsere Produktion

Our high-tech production is located in the middle of Tyrol. This is where most of our designs are developed, produced and packaged. 

We are pleased to be able to offer you an exclusive selection of blanks.

We would also be happy to produce your own designs especially for you.

We will be happy to answer all your questions via the contact form.  

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Our standards


The absolute gold standard in the moldmaking industry. Durable high gloss silicone molds developed and produced in Austria. Designed for the professional resin artist. 

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Premium Eco

Premium standard - premium environmental compatibility.  

  • All materials used for the blank production are recycled several times

  • All production processes are operated with a 98% green energy mix.

  • Lowest possible material consumption with the highest possible service life.

hobby collection

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The best molds for beginners and hobby artists at the absolute best price. All Hobby molds are manufactured in our eco-friendly process using innovative production processes. In this way, we also enable the outstanding quality for hobby artists. 

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Together instead of against each other 

4 strong brands! 

United in one shop, we offer you everything you need for resin art from a single source. In our shop you will only find the best products from regional manufacturers and dealers in Austria and Germany. With attention to detail and extraordinarily high standards of quality and service, we are pleased to be able to present our brands to you in more detail here.

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